How to create recovery disk Windows 8

on Thursday, November 1, 2012

Like all Windows Vista edition on, Windows 8 also allows the user to create a recovery disc to "repair" the system in the event of a software malfunction or formatting. Here's how to create the recovery disk Windows 8 before using the operating system.

Creating the recovery disc Windows 8

At first startup, Windows 8 gives the user the ability to create a recovery disk and provides instructions to burn in a very simple and fast. However, if you missed this step, press the "cancel" and you want to create the recovery disk Windows 8 you can do so at any time by following this guide.
To create the recovery disk Windows 8 follow the steps:
  • press  Windows-q to open the search menu applications. If you are not displaying the desktop, you will be immediately brought to the interface of the system is booted;
  • Write  recdisc and click "Enter." This command loads a menu on your desktop containing information and instructions to create the recovery disk;
  • Inserted in your drive to a CD or a blank DVD and select the right driver to write (although in most cases it is selected by default);
  • This should not take more than one or two minutes, depending upon the speed of your burner.

 How to use the Startup Disk Windows 8?

To use the recovery disc Windows 8 just created should make sure that you have configured your computer's BIOS to boot the CD drive as the first device. This is vital, especially when you need the operating system trouble starting up or has some serious problems at startup.
The interface provides the following options:
  • Set the keyboard layout;
  • Start Windows 8
  • Resolutions of the problems of access, refresh and reset (which is the option where you can access tools advanced system recovery)
  • Shutdown.

In the advanced tools, you will find the following options:
  • Access to system recovery to restore Windows to one of the previous states;
  • Restore an operating system image you created earlier in a backup image file
  • Automatic repair of Windows to fix some problems automatically
  • Access to the command prompt.
The exact same options are available when you choose to start Windows 8 with advanced options. This setting can only be changed if you still have access to your operating system. To do this, press on the keyboard  Windows-C  to open the Charms Bar Then click on "Settings" and "Change setting PC" and wait for the window configuration will be loaded.
Click on "General" and scroll down the page until you find "Advanced Startup". At this point you will be able to boot your operating system from the recovery CD. Click "Restart Now". When you reboot you will be presented with a screen with many different settings:
  • Starts the low-resolution video
  • Starts the debugging
  • Starts the boot logging
  • Safe mode starts
  • Disability drivers
  • Disabilities malware protection
  • Disabled automatic restart for system errors.
Have a recovery CD is very important for the Windows operating systems, especially when you do not have other operating systems (for example, a Linux live CD) to try to repair the damage.

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